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Paratrooper is a tiny shooter game, based on an original game by Greg Kuperberg (Orion Software - 1982). It is in an early development stage but it is playable. The main idea behind this remake is to use real physics computations and some 3D effects to give a fresh look to this old game. It's also a way to use advanced coding techniques on a small project. To acheive this goal, the game uses PVLE game engine, a (home-made) game engine.

This small project started as a challenge to code a remake in less than 24 hours. Actually v0.1 has been coded in 16 hours ! Of course I used PVLE as a start point, but (almost) everything else has been made from scratch... :)

Anyway, feel free to contact me to ask anything.


Language Status Author
English English 100% Sukender
French Français (French) 100% Sukender
Turkish Türk (Turkish) 100% Ufuk Gün
Spanish Español (Spanish) 41% (need a translator) None

To add or update a translation, nothing simpler! Pick up an existing translation file (for instance the french one), modify it and send it to me.


Note that the game will be ported to several platforms (Linux, Mac), but I sincerely don't know when ! If you wish, you can send me incentives/money/insults/ideas to motivate me :) ...

Windows Paratrooper v0.4.1.3
This is a Win32 build, for XP and compatibles (2000/Vista...).
Linux Soon, I hope...
Mac One day perhaps, when someone with a Mac could do it...

Version history

Versions ending with '0' are stable versions of the previsous series (i.e. '' is the last version of 0.2.x.x series). There is an exception for the '0.1'... Don't try to find the "" version because it doesn't exist.

0.4 series
(under development)
Gameplay will start to vary and the look of the game will be improved.
0.3 series Have some gameplay improvements, such as bonuses and several different weapons and a day/night cycle.
Paratrooper v0.4.0.0 Win32.
0.2 series Version 0.2 is still as ugly as v0.1, but the gameplay is a little bit more agressive and a few options were added - including a high scores display. But there's a trick : you need to know the keyboard shortcuts ! Please read the help file... Only available for Win32.
Paratrooper v0.3.0.0 Win32.
v0.1 The initial version (v0.1) is afflicting ugly, with no menus, no way to restart a game once it is over... You can enjoy playing 5 minutes, anyway ! The only thing fun with that version is to see a game coded in a few hours. Only available for Win32.
Paratrooper v0.1 Win32.

Releases monitoring

You can choose to stay in touch with Paratrooper! You can be noticed of each release by email.


To be emailed on each release, please fill in the following form.

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0.4 series

Video Screenshot
I play badly, but that's for the demo
(XVid codec)
New models and
non-standard resolution

0.3 series

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Spread gun at night
(Special weapon)
Hi-score screen French version, explosive
ammo, huge paratroopers

Version 0.1

A programmer's point of view on graphics... ;)

I also wrote a v0.99 prototype for Paratrooper. The only thing left to do is a minor FPS bug, as you can see on the screenshot ;)

Technical information

Some info that some may find interesting:

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