Benoit Neil
Nationality: French
Born: 22 mai 1981 (35 years old)
Nickname : Sukender
Benoit Neil
  R&D Director / Part-time teacher
Expert C++ developer, specialized in imagery/3D
2005 Master Degree ('M' LMD level) – Computer science, specialization in image processing, simulation, animation – University of Marne-la-Vallée (France) – With honours
2003 Bachelor Degree ('L' LMD level) – Computer science – University of Marne-la-Vallée – With honours
2002 Higher National Diploma – Industrial science – With honours
*** C++ (Expert), STL + Boost, OpenGL and OSG (OpenSceneGraph), design patterns, cross-platform software engineering, CMake, Visual C++, SVN, GIT, C# Unity3D
** Java, PHP, Python, SQL, UML, ODE (Open Dynamics Engine), Qt, CTest/CDash, Trac, SWIG
* HTML, JavaScript, VB, SDL, GEOS, Condor
Fluent – TOEIC: 830 points out of 990 (2002)
Mother tongue language
Work Experience
Since July 2009 VirtuelCity / Vectuel – (2009-2015) Research & Development (R&D) Manager. Analysis, conception, quality assurance management, methodology set-up, and development (C++, OSG). Generation, transformation, adaptation and optimisation of 3D textured urban models. Constraints of scalability, file formats, and geographic data.
(Since 2015) R&D Director. Planning and team & subcontractors management (Web, 3D, and C# Unity3D developments). Management, training and development assistance (C# Unity 3D). Occasional specific developments (C++, Boost, OSG...).
Since 2009 Engineering school 'IMAC' (University of Marne-la-Vallée – France) – Part-time teacher in computer science (advanced programming in C++, video games).
3 years 3 months
May 2006 – July 2009
EverSim – Game developer (C++), especially the macroeconomic model of a geopolitical simulation.
6 months
Nov 2005 – Apr 2006
Alten - For France Télécom R&D. Development and improvement of analysis and IP inter-domain inference software. C++ (boost) / Python / Oracle.
6 months
Apr – Sep 2005
Silicon Worlds - Development of 3D and simulation engine based on OSG / OpenGL, and adaptive real-time rendering for Arianespace. Adaptation to an existing engine, and multiple constraints, including the use of 40000x20000 textures and realistic Earth rendering. Creation of dynamic computation engines.
4 months
Apr – July 2004
Tegam International - Creation of a secured (HTTPS) web site part and development of automation tools (PHP / MySQL).
4 months
Aug – Sep 2003
2001-2002 (8 weeks)
RATP - Analysis, design and development of an assets and electro-mechanical controls management software, delivery tracking, and statistical computing. Developed in VB / Access.
Personal Achievements & University Projects
Personal achievements Lightweight cross-platform game engine 'PVLE', written in C++ and open source. This library is based on OSG (3D rendering), ODE (physics) and boost.
Tiny shooting game, open source, remake of Paratrooper (Greg Kuperberg – 1982) using a physical simulation. Based on PVLE.
Multiple contributions to open source projects: OSG, PAL, Pioneer...
2004 - 2005 (Univ. de Marne-la-Vallée) Animation and physics simulation. Particle systems, mass-spring, collisions and et prolonged contacts.
Contact Mail77 176 Savigny le temple - France
Telephone+33 6 73 22 66 13
e-mailneilb at free point fr
Driving license (FR)
Interests Video games, skiing, paragliding, badminton

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