Detailed real-time Earth rendering
- Benoit Neil -

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Image Terre finale 3

The few images on this page are a excerpt from a bigger project I worked on, for Silicon-Worlds. One part of this project was Detailed real-time Earth rendering. Main features are: Silicon Worlds Logo

Note: images with a thin border have a higher resolution version available.

On the picture below, the generated image has no atmosphere. This why it appears less blueish and has a more visible specular highlight.

Image Terre finale Photo de la Terre

Rendering (without atmosphere) compared to a photography.

Terre 1 Terre 2 Terre 3

Adaptive texture: a zoom on Earth ('Daylight' texture only)

Terre faible résolution Terre haute résolution

Initial version (8000x4000, roughly 92 MB per texture) compared to my project (40000x20000).

Other screenshots:

Montage avec / sans atmosphère Terre finale 2
Terre avec normal map

Detail of the normal mapping (Intensified effect for illustrative purposes)

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